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Tele-Arena Gold Maps

No Rune Needed White Rune Needed Yellow Rune Needed Green Rune Needed Blue Rune Needed Violet Rune Needed Red Rune Needed Orange Rune Needed
Town 1

Dungeon Level 1
Dungeon Level 2
Dungeon Level 3*

Ametrine Passages

The Mountains

The Forest

The Gnoll Cave

The Swamp/Ruined Town*

The Tower Levels- 1 - 5
Town 2

Sewer level 1
Sewer level 2
Sewer level 3

The Desert

The Stoneworks level 1
The Stoneworks level 2
The Stoneworks level 3
The Stoneworks level 4
The Stoneworks level 5
The Stoneworks level 6*

The Cellars
Flagstones level 1
Flagstones level 2
Flagstones level 3
Town 3

Labyrinth level 1
Labyrinth level 2
Labyrinth level 3
Labyrinth level 4*
Labyrinth level 5
The Tunnels

The Ledge

The Sweltering Passages

Hewn Granite Corridors

The Valley

The Deep Forest

The Complex of Natural Caverns*

Town 4
The UnderWorld

The Stone Passages

The Dwarven Forest*

The Dwarven Kingdom

The Dwarven Kingdom 2nd Floor

The Fire Catacombs*

The Ice Palace/Ruins's

Ice Ruins

Ice Palace Floor 2

Mystic Island

Waste Lands*