Tele Arena Runes

Rune Type

Areas Opened to You



White Rune

Second Town, Town Sewers, Stoneworks, Desert

First of the runes

Dungeon below 1st


Yellow Rune

Flagstones Underground Areas

(Flags contain 11 levels)

Intermediate Rune




Green Rune

3rd Town, Labyrinth

(Labyrinth has 5 levels)

Requires Runestaff




Blue Rune

Volcano, Ledge, Swelts, Other Areas

Answer Riddle




Violet Rune

Dwarven Kingdom

Group needed




Red Rune

Fire Catacombs

Person needing the rune must lead into the Flame Elementals room, also need a grey key from Mystic Island to complete

Fire Catacombs



Orange Rune

Ice Labynyth and Dwarven Forest

Get the orarunstaff from ice labs, needs to be used in the Dwarven Temple, Group of promos must be with you.

Dwarven Forest Temple



Gold Rune


Found in the Golden Shirne, Group of promos must be with you.

Golden Shrine


There are 3 levels of Dungeon. In the first level, you kill the Minotaur and gain the Copper Key. This key opens the door southeast of the Minotaur. Next you kill the Ogre and retrieve the Brass Key. This opens the door east of the Ogre. Now you kill the Female Cyclops to gain the Iron Key. (Note : This key is re-usable). The Iron Key opens the door northeast of the Dungeon Entrance right below 1st Arena. Kill the 2 Cyclops and you get the Bronze Key. (Note : This key is re-usable like the Iron Key.) The Bronze Key allows passage through the northeastern door. Descend to the 2nd level of the Dungeon. Here you will kill another Cyclops and retrieve the Silver Key. Use this to unlock the door just south of the poison trap. Descend to the 3rd level and kill the Stygian Dragon. He guards the Electrum Key. Once he is dead, use the Electrum Key to unlock the door to the north of his lair. Go through the falling stones trap to the north. The White Rune and a small chest of treasure awaits.

The Runestaff is found in the caves beneath the ruined city. 'Scrolls' are inscribed on your runestaff as you kill certain monsters in the Flagstones Areas. When all 8 scrolls are inscribed, you go to the Ancient Temple in the ruined city and type 'use runestaff'. The green Rune is then placed on your forehead.

Only 'promoted' characters carrying the Blue Rune gain access to the Ledge. The Sweltering Passages are accessed via the Ledge, so again, only 'promoted' characters may go. Other Areas include : Granite Hewn Corridors (below Swelts), The Valley (past Granite Corridors), The Caverns (where Violet Rune is found), Deep Forest (where 4th Town is found) and 4th Town.

The Riddle comes in 2 parts. The answer to the first part is to type 'say cinders'. The answer to the second part is to type 'say ether'. This will transport you to the Volcanoe. Go south to return to the Labyrinth. The Blue Rune will provide access here.

A group of 4 promoted characters must go into the Caverns and defeat the Demon King. The Demon King carries a 'Rod of Power' which must be used by the leader of the group. This bestows the Violet Rune upon the leader of the group. To use the 'Rod of Power', type 'use rod'.