Atlantis Equipment:

There are several benifits to machine weight training:

Faster Workouts:

Since there are only two things you need to do one, sit in the machine and two, set the weight, you can advance through your workout more efficiently. You may also move quickly from one machine to another without resetting dumbbells to provide yourself with an advanced super-workout with minimal effort.

Easy to Use:

Most machines are easy to use and straight-forward and most times are labeled with instructions. You may want to monitor the person on before you and simulate the exercises. Because of the simplicity of the equipment you may decide to create your own workout plan avoiding financial cost of hiring a personal trainer.

Reduced Risk of Injury:

This is perhaps one of the most important things that machine weight training offer is improved safety. Whether you’re an advanced or beginner lifter, there is always a risk of over or under extension with conventional free weight training. By using machine weights it helps keep you within your natural range and significantly reduce your risk for injury.

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