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2002 Provincial Competition Scopes

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The Competition Scope sets out all the crucial information pertaining to a specific contest area. The document outlines the purpose of the competition challenge, the skills and knowledge to be tested, the clothing and equipment requirements of the contestant (as well as those supplied by Skills Canada Saskatchewan), the judging criteria and a list of the committee members who have developed the scope package. Information, such as the start time of the event and duration of the competition will also be included.

These scopes are drafts from the 2002 Provincial Skills Competition. The official competition scopes for 2003 will be posted here as soon as they are available. For national scopes click here

Architectural CADD (s/ps)   Autobody Repair (s/ps)
Automotive Service (s/ps)   Baking (s/ps)
Cabinet Making (s/ps)   Carpentry (s/ps)
Culinary Arts - Test Project (s/ps)   Electrical Wiring (s/ps)Electric Motor Control (s/ps)
Electronics (s/ps)   Esthetics (s/ps)
Hairdressing   Internet Website Design (s/ps)
View Team Sites at the following link:
Industrial Wiring (s/ps)  
IT PC and Network Support (s/ps)   IT Software Applications - (s)
Job Interview (s)   Job Skill Presentation (s)
Mechanical CADD (s/ps)   Precision Machining (s)
Prepared Speech (s)   Principles of Technology (s)
Residential Wiring (s/ps)   Restaurant Service (s/ps)
Small Engine Repair (s/ps)  

Spectrum Challenge

TV & Video Production (s)   Welding (s/ps)
Work Safety Hazard (s/ps)   DEMO - Heavy Equipment Mechanics