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Skills Canada Saskatchewan (SCS) is a partnership of business, labour, education, government and students that works to promote the development of technology and trade-based skills for the purpose of future employment. In anticipation of future trends, Skills Canada Saskatchewan works to equip young minds with the skills that will help Canada compete successfully in a rapidly changing market.


To promote skilled trades and technologies as a first choice career option for young Canadians in Saskatchewan.


• Increase the awareness of trade and technological career paths for Saskatchewan’s youth
• Promote awareness of trade and technological careers to Aboriginal youth, young women, and persons with disabilities as a viable career option
• Increase the status of technological education
• Develop leadership and employability skills and help prepare youth for future careers
• Expand partnerships among students, educational representatives, business, labour and government

Skills Canada Saskatchewan is a project of the Saskatchewan Labour Force Development Board, a non-profit organization that is an advocate for a leaning culture in Saskatchewan.