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List of Common Services


Revenue, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities, etc.


Shareholder Loans


Monthly Accounting


Annual Accounting


Bank Reconciliations


Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable


Payroll, T4ís, Deductions, Remittances, etc.


Financial Statements

†††††††††††† (Revenue, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities)


Income Tax Return Filing - personal & corporate - tax decisions †††††††††††† & liability are responsibility of personal & corporate †††††††††††† customer.


Bank Reporting


GST Returns


PST Returns


LCT Returns


Proprietorships (individualís non-incorporated business)


Partnership Accounting


Corporation Accounting


Work on-site, off-site, & by remote computer access


Loan Preparation


Business Plans


24/7 Service


Record of Employments (ROE)


Revenue Canada & Canada Revenue Agency Audits


Human Resources (hiring and dismissal)


Policy and Procedures Preparation


Operations Management (rationalizing use of assets)


Personal versus Incorporated Business


Business Name & Registration


New Business Startup


Computer Accounting Programs


Accounting Software Selection




Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, Business Visions, & many †††††††††††† other accounting software


Cash Flow Projections


Cost Accounting


Job Accounting


Immigration Applications


Government Remittances


Corporate Registrations


Joint Ventures




Accounting for Small, Medium, & Large Businesses


Remote site support using Teamviewer, Windows, &†††††††††††† PcAnywhere


Other - variety of other services not listed

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