Dear friends,

Without you.... throwing me the notes and gently holding me in the path of faithfulness to life and land...what we came to yesterday with Grandmothers Hills would not have happened.

Each of you have walked with me on the land and in conversation over the course of the past months as I have worked with water and the spirit of water on dry land. The challenge being to figure out a way to have a viable drinking source for the cattle who will return to grazing this land that has been at rest for 3 years.

We have gone over many ideas always walking the land~always listening~always trying to be faithful. At one point I had pretty much settled on digging a dug out. The Council of All Beings gathered by the Buffalo Rock in spring and gentle voices that love land and me encouraged me away from that path and once again into the vast terrain of "not knowing."

Yesterday I worked with Gerald and Betty Gebhart, people who have lived with Loon Creek all of their farming lives, they were good companions and worked for the course that I had settled on. The watering system that is now in place works with the tiny trickle of a spring that flows down the coulee in all seasons. Gerald says that it is the only spring within 15 km of the valley. Water flows above and beneath the stream bed. We found a place where there is a constant flow above ground~a place where one can hear that glorious sound of water flowing. We placed a 1" hose which moves to a 3/4" hose in the mostly dry stream bed and ran the hose 300' to a simple 185 gallon trough.

By dusk a faithful modest flow was moving throw the hoses into the trough. The trough is placed where I had once thought the dug out would be and where Barbara Barnett and I dowsed.... and asked "is this a good place for water" and each of our dowsing tools responded YES.

This modest low tech system is precarious but it is working.

As I worked in the underbrush and overgrown stream bed filled with stinging nettled and all manner of things that poke I was fully present and wildly joyous.

All of this I want to tell you.

Last night as I drove home in the twilight from Grandmothers Hills listening to O Beautiful Gaia~ my heart bursting wide open as the prairie sky with 'We shall be moved by water... water flowing."

Big thanks each to you of you and all of you for accompanying and loving Grandmothers Hills and me and helping me to be faithful and to find a path in the vast terrain of not knowing.

much love and gratitude for who we are together
Ruth Blaser, (Blaser & Associates) is a steward of this land. She has walked this remnant of naive prairie since she was a girl and holds the title to it. Here are her reflections with Grandmothers Hills.