A Remarkable Beginning

beginningDon Jedlic was born in or nearby a remote fishing village on the windswept plains of Saskatchewan. The exact year and location of his birth remains a mystery as he was found living on the beach in a "feral" state by fishermen in the community of Stoughton. How long Don had been living there is anybody's guess, but he seems to have subsisted on a combination of cast off fish guts and native fauna. When found Don seemed to have no language skills, he just communicated in a series of gutteral grunts - this was later determined to be the German language. One of Don's first jobs in the community was polishing balls down at the barber shop. Now before you go getting any funny ideas about what young Don had his hands into, or onto for that matter, it is important to note that in Stoughton at that time the barber shop was also the local billiard hall. Don loved to watch the old fellas get a trim or a shave and then shoot their balls around the table. Next time you pass through Stoughton, ask any old timer you see who was the most conscientious ball cleaner in town and I bet you will get the answer,"Don Jedlic - hands down."  ...next