Conserving native prairie not only conserves plant and animal species, it also provides direct benefits to the human inhabitants of the prairies. These benefits include good quality water, aesthetic and recreational opportunities, soil protection and a gene pool available for future medical and agricultural uses.

It is such a big problem that itís easy to say, ďItís so big! One person canít make a difference?Ē Well, yes you can. Life is in the details. Here are five easy details or steps humans Ė as one or one among the many Ė can take to help the land around us:

  1. Learn about what it means to make your way lightly on earth. Visit our friendsí sites.

  2. Learn about the inter-relatedness of all life from our friends.

  3. Get to know the Earth Charter

  4. Visit and work with land you love, whether thatís Grandmothers Hills or your garden.

  5. Know that Grandmothers Hills welcomes human visitors and read the Guidelines for visiting.