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With world class flair, this new musical of great beauty, power and passion premiered at the Centre of the Arts, a 2000 seat theatre in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on October 11-13, 2002. The following year, a successful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan performance resulted in the release of "The Musical Story of Jeremiah" Music CD.

Written, directed, composed and produced by Canadians, the artistic production and the 39 musicians and performers includes gifted internationals.

Set in Jerusalem in the 6th Century BCE., the musical begins with "Call of God"
as Jeremiah is called to be a prophet and exhorts his people to "Return O Israel".

Adapted from the Book of Jeremiah, the story follows the chronological events
of the last five kings of Judah. When King Josiah orders workmen to
"Restore the House of the LORD", the Book of the Law is found in the walls
of the temple. Upon hearing the contents of the Book, King Josiah commands
all the people to serve the LORD and keep the Passover.

"Hallelujah Praise" and "Holy Holy Holy" are sung as the people remember
the LORD God who brought their forefathers out of slavery.

Several reformations take place during King Josiah's reign. But the kings who
follow do not share the same values. As Jerusalem faces impending doom from
the approaching Babylonian Army, Jeremiah confronts kings, false prophets,
and many people with their sins. Jeremiah's message is rejected and he faces
ridicule, death threats and imprisonment.

Although Jeremiah is called "mad" by some, others revere him as a "Prophet".
Baruch, his personal secretary, remains a faithful servant and documents
Jeremiah's prophecies for the coming generations. Jeremiah lived to see
many of these prophecies come true, most notably, the fall of Jerusalem
and the destruction of the Temple.

Jeremiah's portrayal of a weeping prophet are recalled in the songs
"O That My Head Were Waters" and "Writing on the Wall". However, the
message he delivered from God was not always doom and gloom.
The LORD, the God of Israel, offered hope with "I Will Heal My People".
For those who turn and put their trust in Him, the LORD becomes a
"Merciful God". Jeremiah sees down the corridors of time when the
"Glory of God" returns again to Jerusalem.


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