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All Nations are called unto Him
A prophet's work is to tell all Nations of the Mighty LORD!

Call of God
Baruch, Jeremiah's personal secretary, narrates Jeremiah's amazing life story.

Jeremiah Hears the Call 

A Message for the Nations
Jeremiah's first message declares idols made by man's hand are worthless
when compared to the glory of the living God.

Return O Israel
As a husband to his estranged wife, the LORD through Jeremiah, pleads for Israel
to return to him.

Restore the House of the LORD
Good King Josiah heeds the LORD's plea and orders the temple be restored
at which time the book of the Law of the LORD is found hidden in a wall.

Huldah's Song
King Josiah sends men to ask Huldah the prophetess what will happen to Israel
since they have disobeyed the LORD's commandments.

Hallelujah Praise
King Josiah supplies the sacrifices so all of Israel can celebrate the Passover Feast.

Holy, Holy, Holy
All Israel, from the youngest to the oldest join in worship during the Passover.

Theme From The Musical Story Of Jeremiah
When King Josiah is killed in a battle, Jeremiah weeps and asks the LORD "Why?".
The LORD answers with "Let Not the Wise Man Glory in His Wisdom".
King Josiah's body is carried through the streets as the Wailing Women
and Mourners lament his death.

O That My Head Were Waters
Jeremiah bemoans the state of his people.

Writing On The Wall
Jeremiah challenges the religious to change or else Jerusalem will be overtaken
by the Babylonians and the temple will be destroyed.

Jeremiah message is rejected and he is accused of treason.

Jeremiah Theme
Jeremiah is beaten and put into stocks.

I Will Heal My People
The LORD promises joy and healing to those who love and serve Him.

Give Praise and Give Glory
Wicked King Zedekiah tries to appease the LORD from sending judgment
by setting free the Jewish slaves.

Merciful God
Jeremiah in a dream, sees down the corridor of time when there will be prosperity
and peace in Jerusalem.

He's Giving Us His Glory
Jeremiah prophesied of the glorious time when "the days are coming, declares the LORD,
that I will raise up to David a righteous branch,and He shall reign as King and do wisely,
and execute justice and righteousness in the land."

Go, And Rejoice In His Word



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