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Creative Team & Leads

Myrna Petersen, Writer-Director/Producer

Myrna adapted the book of Jeremiah for musical theatre and composed many of the songs. Myrna has a passion to see musicians, artists, and designers come together to envision and create new compositions which glorify the Lord God of Israel. Myrna is the owner of Ideation Entertainment, a Canadian based company that launched this project. She is also the Christian Arts Co-ordinator for Open the Word .

Wendy DeBolt, Executive Producer

Wendy composed several new songs for Jeremiah and adds her dynamic voice in the lead singing female role of "Huldah". Wendy lives in Regina, Canada, with her daughter Katie who is also in the musical.

Daryl-Lynne Evenson-LeMieux, Musical and Instrumental Director

Daryl-Lynne, our principle pianist, is extraordinary in her arrangements of the Jeremiah music. Her rich voice is a welcome addition to the backup for female vocals.

Sonja Abelson, Artistic Director

Sonja Abelson, an expert in fashion design from Johannesburg, South Africa, took on the responsibility of Artistic Director. Sonja won rave reviews with "her stunning, award-winning costumes".

Perry Hubick, Jeremiah

Perry is "Jeremiah", the demanding dramatic and musical starring role. Perry's ability to memorize huge volumes of dialogue is quite profound. Kyle and Karla Hubick join their father as children in the musical. Perry and his wife Cheryl reside with their 4 children in Regina, Canada.

Paul LeMieux

As a strong tenor, Paul is a key player taking on two roles: "Shaphan", a scribe, and "Nebuchadnezzar", the Babylonian King. Paul and his wife, Daryl-Lynne, reside in Regina, Canada.

Joshua & Sandhya Frederick

Josh is a heart-winner in the supporting role of "Baruch", Jeremiah's secretary, while Sandhya takes the part of the "Ethiopian Girl". Josh and Sandhya's homeland is India but they are now new citizens of Canada living in Moose Jaw, Sask.

Garry & Carolynne Warner

You hear Garry's strong bass voice as the "Singing Voice of God". Garry also takes the role of wicked "King Zedekiah". Carolynne worked as a consultant on the script and also takes part as a "Wailing Woman".

Rick Blackett

Rick displays great diversity in taking on two extreme roles: "King Josiah" with his prayer of repentance and that of "Pashur", the wicked priest, who constantly taunts Jeremiah. Rick is the voice in the "Traitor" rap song.

Kathy Tiefenbach

Kathy is the composer behind the beautiful "Return O Israel" song and adds her delightful singing voice in the group songs.

Tandi and Marcel Venter

Tandi and Marcel have contributed their artistic skills in the design of "The Musical Story of Jeremiah" Poster and CD Jacket. Born in South Africa, they currently reside in Denver, Colorado with their two sons.

John Zubowicz

With expertise in communications and web design, John has developed and constructed "The Musical Story of Jeremiah" official web site. John is also cast in the secondary role of "Hananiah", the false prophet.


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