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©The Musical Story of Jeremiah, 2002, is copyrighted and no segment, graphics,
pictures, logos, song(s) or any portion of the web site may be copied
or performed without the consent of the owner(s). Neither Ideation Entertainment,
nor the creators shall be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in the
work and expressly disclaim liability of any negligence to any user of the work.

1) "All Nations are Called Unto Him" © 2002, by Daryl-Lynne Evenson-LeMieux

2) "Call of God" ©2000, by Myrna Petersen

3) "Return O Israel" ©1984, Lyrics adapted 2002, by Kathy Tiefenbach

4) "Restore The House Of The LORD" ©2001, by Myrna Petersen

5) "Huldah's Song' ©2002, by Wendy DeBolt-Nieminen

6) "Hallelujah Praise" ©2001, by Daryl-Lynne Evenson-LeMieux

7) "Holy, Holy, Holy" ©2002, by Wendy DeBolt-Nieminen

8) "Theme From The Musical Story Of Jeremiah" ©2001, by Myrna Petersen

9) "O That My Head Were Waters" ©2000, by Myrna Petersen

10) "Writing On The Wall" ©2001, by Myrna Petersen

11) "Traitor" ©2002, Rap by Myrna Petersen, Music by
Daryl-Lynne Evenson-LeMieux

12) "Jeremiah Theme" ©2001, Music by Myrna Petersen

13) "I Will Heal My People" ©2002, by Wendy DeBolt-Nieminen

14) "Give Praise and Give Glory" ©2001, by Myrna Petersen

15) "Merciful God" ©2002, by Wendy DeBolt-Nieminen

16). "He's Giving Us His Glory" ©2001, by Myrna Petersen

17). "Go, And Rejoice In His Word" - Medley ©2002, by Myrna Petersen


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